yes please, even more

i’m kaja and i write a sexuality-oriented blog called yes please more. (one day there will be an author photo, but for now, i’m going to remain somewhat anon. day job and all.)

i started this substack as a way to keep me writing and to create a space where i can write more intimately about sexuality and love. i will explore spirituality with a monthly tarot reading for subscribers. (more on that later.) there will also be dashes of pop culture and politics to keep things interesting.

who am i?

i’m a forty-something queer (pan/bi) librarian living in the midwest. i cohabitate with my partner and i really want a dog. i have a couple of degrees in history as well. writing is my first love and has been since childhood. really, reading and writing were my first memorable passions, along with singing.

i write to inform and to work through things myself. i write to inspire. i write to connect.

other fun facts:

my favorite color is blue… with a close second, purple.

i love brussels sprouts.

i’m a right-handed aries, taurus rising.

i’m an only child.

i want to share more of myself with you.

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if you have any questions or concerns, get in touch.

sending you love, peace, warmth, and hope. thank you for supporting my work.

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